Vehicle Driving Controls Success Story

Mobilizing Our Broad Range of Solutions

Product Highlights

For over twenty years, we have designed and manufactured vehicle driving controls to provide mobility to individuals with high-level disabilities. Our systems have also been utilized in unmanned military vehicles. Typical systems are integrated packages of both primary (accelerator/brakes/steering) and secondary controls (such as lights, windows and accessories)


  • Automotive
  • Defense

Lifecycle Stages

From complete electrical and mechanical design through contract manufacturing. End products are highly configurable, composed of multiple controls and input devices that require a system level approach to design and manufacturing. Design services also include system re-fresh, with products currently at third generation architecture.

Key Challenges

  • Mobility conversions are inherently difficult, requiring sophisticated programming of controllers to replicate the typical driving experience
  • Each vehicle OEM has a different electrical architecture, and none provide aftermarket suppliers with any technical data, schematics, or other guidance that might help develop system interfaces
  • Enercon needed to obtain, teardown, study and re-engineer products for each new OEM platform (new vehicle model or modified electrical system)

Enercon Solutions

  • Customer has partnered with Enercon for greater efficiency and flexibility in keeping up with frequent OEM vehicle model changes
  • Enercon provides finished product design and manufacturing
  • Enercon ensures that all products meet strict redundant-system safety requirement (monitored by TÜV)

Enercon Services

  • Complete development of all system architecture and design (electrical and mechanical). This includes:
    • Designing and building control modules and input devices (PCB assemblies)
    • Device programming
    • Enclosure design
    • Mechanical interfaces
    • Design testing and verification
  • Product service and support


  • Customer has relied on Enercon as its key design and manufacturing partner for over 20 years
  • Customer continues to be a world leader in sales of disability and autonomous driving controls