Professional-Grade LED Fixtures Success Story

Illuminating Quality Closer to Home

Product Highlights

Compact, portable and feature-packed professional-grade LED fixtures developed for entertainment and display venues. Features include:

  • Flicker-free, color-changeable light
  • Output comparable to fixtures 4-5 times the size
  • Patent-pending heat-sink technology


  • Entertainment

Lifecycle Stages

  • Contract manufacturing & next-generation product design

Key Challenges

  • Product originally sourced offshore for cost savings
  • Customer contract manufacturer failed to maintain quality standards, with unacceptable and growing level of functional and cosmetic defects
  • Company required extremely fast turnaround on conversion to domestic manufacture in order to meet near-term demand, while keeping manufacturing costs competitive

Enercon Solutions

  • Re-designed the PCB (printed circuit board)
  • Created and tested the new manufacturing process
  • Established supply chain, produced and delivered revamped lighting products
  • Now working with customer to implement product improvements to improve quality while lowering manufacturing costs


  • Enercon helped company convert from outsourcing to domestic production without skipping a beat in meeting customer demand
  • Enercon now serves as a virtual extension of the company for design and manufacturing support on a growing range of products

“As a relatively small, fast-moving company, we find Enercon to be the ideal product design and manufacturing partner. They share our commitment to innovation, and have proved to us the advantages of trustworthy, cost-effective and high-quality sourcing close by to us. As we look to develop new products, we’ve decided offshoring is not worth the cost savings, given the uncertainty, supply chain issues, quality uncertainty, and lack of flexibility.”

-VP of Engineering