Product Design Services

Integration is everything.

Enercon’s proven process of fully integrated product design and manufacturing sets us apart, and guides all we do. Every day, we combine creativity and technical expertise to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions. A wealth of experience and field-tested processes developed over years of problem-solving allow us to onboard and complete some of the most exciting, never-been-done-before projects being undertaken today.


Our product development and manufacturing team works hand-in-glove, sharing real time feedback. We scope, architect, analyze, and manage test system development concurrently with the product development timeline, so we can address issues early to make improvements and minimize risks. As experts in both software and hardware design, we thrive on the challenge of optimizing design to improve functionality, while reducing the size, cost, and complexity of the product. The result for our customers is increased product reliability and performance… and a smooth path from concept to manufacturing.