ENERCON Technologies Company Profile


At Enercon Technologies, integrity is everything. Founded in 1980, and located near Portland, Maine, Enercon continues to grow, building on a solid foundation of 40+ years of consistency in leadership, vision, and process. We are a fully independent business, structured to ensure that the team assigned to your project will be there from inception through the entire life-cycle of your product.  With over 100,000 square-feet of space between our  headquarters and manufacturing buildings, connected by a sky bridge, Enercon continues to expand to meet the growing needs of our valued customers with the very latest technologies and systems, necessary to deliver precision, high-quality electronics products.


Enercon’s mission is to provide world-class integrated Electronics Manufacturing and Product Development services to industry-leading innovative companies.


Our vision is to be the preferred long-term business partner in the Electronics Services Industry, delivering World-Class solutions to our customers.  This will be accomplished through a customer-focused culture, dedicated employees, and operational excellence built on a foundation of strong management principles and financial strength.


Enercon values our customers, our employees, and the quality of all we do.

  • Because we value our customers:
    • We believe that our customer’s success is our success.  We bring our expertise and best practices to the customer challenge.
    • We bring can-do attitude and desire to find solutions to challenges.  We want our efforts to be special, not average.
    • We act with honor and truthfulness with everybody.  We are trustworthy and dependable to ourselves and our customers.
  • Because we value our employees:
    • We are a team, and will only be successful if we work as one.
    • We are dedicated to our employees, we will empower our employees to be successful, and continue to reinvest in them.
    • We engage in clear, direct and respectful communications with everybody.
  • Because we value the quality of all we do:
    • We care about the quality of our work and invest in creating systems to ensure consistent success.
    • We are each personally accountable for delivering on our responsibilities and commitments.
    • We act to ensure long term financial stability, measuring performance, creating employee security, and reinvesting in our future.