Product Development

Product development.  Integrated with manufacturing.  Superior results.

Our fully integrated design and manufacturing team will take your new product idea,  from either concept or prototype, through complete design and engineering, testing and verification, and transfer into production. We provide continuous and timely feedback regarding manufacture-ability, component availability, and testing — and get your product to market efficiently, with quality and reliability built into the design.

Our fully integrated design and build process gets you to market smoothly and efficiently – and with a better product.

Where opportunity – and advantage – begin.

At ENERCON, our integrated approach ensures that your idea’s potential is maximized. Whether it’s a ground-breaking new concept that you have envisioned or the next generation of an existing product, our team of designers and engineers work with you to ensure smooth transitions from concept design to prototype to manufacturing. Using our experience and expertise to improve and perfect your product for maximum performance, reliability, and manufacturing efficiency, our integration of service will help get you to market faster with a superior product – positioning you well for capturing available market share as quickly as possible.

Designed for exceptional performance and reliability

A successful design is one that delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and efficiency in a highly cost-efficient manner. Because of our integrated design and manufacturing approach, we identify opportunities for increased efficiency and performance early in the design process. We solve potential issues that can occur in the transition from design to manufacturing before they occur. This results in better products and ensures that the process is never slowed down to accommodate late changes and additional prototyping and verification testing.  Whatever your project needs, we hone our design efforts, quality system, and procedural rigor to meet them.

Built to perform – every day from day one

Our manufacturing team works closely with our product development team to provide timely feedback regarding manufacturability, component availability, and test requirements.  This valuable information is used to guide improvements that result in lower production costs, improved product quality with a high level of Design For Manufacturability/Design For Test (DFM/DFT), resulting in a faster time to market.

Test-driven design increases reliability and performance.

There are no shortcuts to designing complex devices that incorporate a multitude of technologies. But with our processes, we develop “test-driven” designs, helping customers avoid extended product development cycles, testing failures, and inflated manufacturing costs. We start by evaluating potential test strategies early in the development process–doing so allows us to address issues early and minimize risks associated with new product development.


Gain the speed-to-market advantage.

Getting to market quickly is essential for maximizing your advantage – and your investment. Enercon is agile by design, ensuring efficient, rapid transition from idea to execution and giving our customers the speed-to-market advantage. We design, prototype, test and build with manufacturing in mind, from the inception of the project through every stage of development. The complete traceability of our inventory, our manufacturing flexibility and our fully integrated Design + Build processes, perfected over almost forty years, do more than save time – they ensure you get to market faster for a lower total cost – and with a better product.

“We thrive on the challenge of optimizing design to improve functionality, while reducing the size and cost of the product.”

— Enercon employee