Speed, Flexibility and Traceability

Whether it’s a ground-breaking new concept you have envisioned or better performance from an existing product, the Enercon model of integration, flexibility, and traceability ensures that your product will get to market quickly, smoothly, and for a lower total cost. Our Design + Build teams imagine, engineer, prototype, test, and build with manufacturing in mind from the inception of the project. This allows us to develop custom precision manufacturing processes during the prototype and development phases so that every design is optimized for manufacturability, maximizing your product’s performance and quality while reducing total cost.

Over forty years of exceptional results and continuous improvement

As an electronics company developing products since 1980, our engineers have applied their skills to a wide range of projects across many market segments. This wealth of experience developed over years of problem-solving activities is used to solve some of the most challenging projects we manage today. We continuously evaluate, analyze and improve our processes and results, allowing us to identify opportunities for increasing performance, boosting efficiency and improving results.

Consistent leadership. Seamless communications. Proven processes.

ENERCON is a privately-held company that has been in business for over forty years. The average term of employment is almost ten years, and many employees have been with the company for much longer. Unlike some companies that are bought, sold, merged and restructured repeatedly, we have had consistent leadership, seamless integrated communications, and proven data-driven processes honed over decades. This consistency ensures smooth, effective communications between our internal teams – and our customers. Consistency also ensures reliability and quality in our work. We are fully integrated, and organized to ensure that every project is executed to meet or exceed customer demand.

A plan for success.

From the beginning, we have developed processes that create success and improve product performance, manufacturing efficiency, and speed-to-market. Our integrated design + build structure ensures that from concept to completion, and indeed for the entire lifecycle of the product, process guides our approach. Whether it is ensuring that test and manufacturing engineers are integrated into the design process, or bar coding each component so we can track our inventory down to individual capacitors and resistors, we have plans in place to always ensure product integrity and performance. Processes also create the opportunity for data capture and analysis, fostering continuous improvement so that we are always on the leading edge.

Your success is our success.

For many clients, success depends on how quickly they can get to market. At ENERCON, we understand that a client’s success is our success, and so we are optimized as an organization to ensure that the path from concept to market is smooth, efficient – and fast. Our seamless and constant communication, integrated design + build approach, and relentless dedication to improving performance and increasing efficiency add up to a smoother, faster transition to market – for less total cost.

Adding Value. Removing unnecessary cost.

Customers keep coming back to ENERCON because we add value from the early product conceptualization through to post-production support. Our partnership is not over when we go to market. Enercon support services can dramatically reduce overhead and save cost for years after initial project completion. Demand-Driven Inventory (DDI) reduces the need for maintaining large inventory stockpiles. Our automated software management process makes ordering and tracking inventory simple. We also offer fulfillment support, servicing and repair, end-of-life support, and automated BOM Lifecycle Monitoring, a pro-active approach to managing parts obsolescence.

“We find Enercon to be the ideal product design and manufacturing partner.  We’ve decided offshoring is not worth the cost savings, given the uncertainty, supply chain issues, quality uncertainty, and lack of flexibility.”

— VP of Engineering, entertainment company