Manufacturing Test Development Services

Verifying success

There are no shortcuts in designing complex devices that incorporate a multitude of technologies. But through a process we call “test-driven” design, we’re able to help our customers avoid extended product development cycles, testing failures, and inflated manufacturing costs.

We start by evaluating potential test strategies early in the development process.  We scope, architect, analyze, and manage test system development concurrently with the product development timeline. That allows us to address issues early and minimize risks associated with new product development. Test strategies include:

  • In-circuit testing
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) on 100% of our PCB assemblies
  • Custom Functional Testing– Board and System Level
  • Environmental stress test

Test engineering is not an afterthought of the design process.

ENERCON program managers and engineers work up-front with our customers to understand their requirements. We then develop an appropriate test strategy in parallel with product design.

ENERCON has dedicated engineering and technical professionals whose primary role is the development of product test strategies. We work with our customers to develop economical test solutions that ensure all requirements are met in order to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest cost.

By designing a test strategy during the product design, we ensure the best test coverage to support cost effective, timely production.