Post-Production Services

Adding value throughout the product lifecycle

The design has been executed. The manufacturing is complete. But it doesn’t mean we’re done.  ENERCON is your partner through the full life cycle of your project, including upgrades, improvements, and additional manufacturing runs. We provide a full range of post-production services and ongoing support to ensure that customer needs are met well beyond the time the product goes to market.

We use the knowledge acquired during the design and manufacturing processes to track failure modes and perform detailed trend analysis. Our automated BOM lifecycle management system continuously scans your BOM for potential end-of-life and obsolescence issues. Our materials coordinators can manage your inventory and ship user-ready product directly to your customers or distributors around the globe.

Should additional units be needed, we can manufacture on demand. Our internal inventory management ensures that we can be responsive and agile, meeting any manufacturing need quickly and solving any issue that may occur.

Post-Production Support services include:

Fulfillment Services

  • Finished Goods Inventory Management via DDI Kanban
  • Direct Ship to End Customer
  • “Virtual Company” Enabled

Service and Repair

  • Complete DHR Management
  • Service Depot and Loaner Pool Management
  • “Virtual Company” Enabled

End-of-Life Support