Design + Build

    Design + Build Center


    ENERCON’s state-of-the-art Design + Build Center connects headquarters, product development services and precision manufacturing spaces, in a modern facility of over 100,000 square-feet.  Our Design + Build teams work side-by-side throughout the development, design transfer, and manufacturing process. We scope, architect, analyze, and refine the eventual manufacturing process concurrently with the product development timeline.  Designing with manufactur-ability in mind ensures a seamless, quality designed product that readily transfers to manufacturing with minimal risk and faster time-to-market.  As experts in both software and hardware design, we thrive on the challenge of optimizing design to improve functionality while reducing the size and cost of the product. The result for our customers is increased product reliability and performance – and a smooth path from concept to completion. 

      It's a smooth path from concept to completion.

      Constant communication. Exceptional design and product performance. Lower cost.

      Traditional product development methods have always created challenges, leading to inefficiency, errors, overages, and missed opportunities. At ENERCON, integration is hard-wired into everything we do. Our teams are co-located at our state of the art Design + Build Center to enable and ensure efficient and constant communication from the early product development stages through volume manufacturing. Both development and manufacturing engineers are concurrently involved with each project from its very inception, so that product design is informed and improved with manufacturability in mind from the onset. This results in a shorter and less costly development process – providing smoother transitions from design to prototyping to manufacture and allowing for a rapid delivery to market.

      Communication is key.

      At ENERCON, we structure our processes to ensure accessibility. Our teams are able to easily access and share critical information that ensures product performance, manufacturing efficiency, and reliability. Our customers know that we are always available to them. Because we are co-located in the Design + Build Center, there is no need to navigate through multiple departments across distant locations or time zones. When an answer is needed or an opportunity identified, we are here, nimble, flexible, and ready to collaborate as a partner, to accomplish and exceed our customer’s goals.

      Agility is our advantage.

      Integration results in flexibility and agility – the keys to providing our customers a market advantage. Our teams continuously collaborate, identifying areas for improvement, increasing performance and efficiency, and reducing cost. The result is a higher level of capability and speed – at every level of the organization. When a problem needs to be solved, we make data-driven decisions to solve problems rapidly and decisively. When an opportunity is identified, we act upon it proactively. When manufacturing arrives, we ramp up rapidly and deliver on a dime. Our processes are sized to be nimble, flexible, and responsive. For our customers, this responsiveness ensures that whatever is needed, the path to success is well planned and executed.

      Your success is our success.

      We collaborate with our customers throughout the process. From concept to completion, we ensure that needs are met, ideas are understood, opportunities maximized, and any potential issues are solved often before they occur. At ENERCON, our goal is to facilitate our customer’s innovation without limits. So we’ve worked to master all the core technologies that your new product idea might require for success – from software to circuits to optics and fluidics, from prototyping to finished enclosures to labeling and testing, and everything in between. This, in turn, allows us to partner with customers and ensure success.

      100% Traceable.

      Our proprietary software and hardware solutions ensure 100% product traceability. We can identify and source every component needed to build a product rapidly and efficiently. Our inventory tracking system is without match, and ensures we know exactly how many components we have in inventory, and how many are required for a build.  At any point in the lifecycle of the product, we can recall an individual component lot number, as well as all associated manufacturing information, including time of build and relevant end-of-line product test result documentation.

      “The success of our product results from our listening to our customers, and Enercon in turn listening to us. Their experienced team worked closely with us, and were absolutely essential to getting our product to the market.”

      — President, CEO, health industry company