Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Operations: Speed. Control. Visibility.

Enercon recognizes factory visibility and process-wide control is core to competitiveness, and as such has invested heavily in its Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

It begins with control of materials – all materials are lot controlled and barcoded upon arrival at Enercon.  This tracking provides visibility and control of materials within the factory, and traceability of materials once they have shipped.  This control provides an industry-leading material risk-management solution for our customers at no additional cost.

Each assembly workstation is equipped with touchscreen displays providing our assemblers a consistent interface.

Key functional areas of Enercon’s MES:

Material Control

  • Lot/Serial Tracking of all materials
  • Inherent FIFO usage via lot numbers
  • Shelf-life limited material tracking and warning
  • Moisture Sensitive (MSL) electronic component tracking
  • SMT component traceability resolution to the Reference-Designator level
  • Genealogy containership of tracked assemblies
  • Specific “Bill of Assembly” available for each product assembled

Route Definition and Enforcement

  • Electronic routes define product steps
  • Route sequence enforced by blocking a unit that should not be present at a given station
  • Guides units out of stations and through rework loops where applicable
  • Operator traceability by unit to work center

Paperless Work Instructions

  • Visual documentation at each workstation by route step and under revision control

In-Process Quality Data Collection

  • Operator defect input via touchscreen
  • Automated defect collection from inspection and test equipment

Access to Real-Time Factory Data

  • Automated alarms and notifications to events such as quality conditions going out-of-control
  • Real-time yield and defect data for continuous improvement efforts
  • Fully electronic Device History Record (eDHR) for each unit produced