Onboarding New Test Fixture

1.0 Gather Requirements (On behalf of customer)

  • Do they need test data saved to a text file?
    • If so we need
      • Naming Convention
      • File Format
        • Ideally using the Enercon standard data format
      • File Location
  • Track through Aegis
    • If so we need
      • Do they also want the test data saved to Aegis?
  • Validate Aegis operation at test start
    • If so no additional information is needed

2.0 Configuration of Test Fixture

  • Factory Logix operation the fixture is tied to
  • Device Name
    • This is a unique name for an individual test fixture
  • Customer Name
  • Test Fixture Description

3.0 Provide Information To Customer

  • Provide the Device Name to the customer to use in their API calls