Design + Manufacturing.
Fully Integrated.
Proven processes. Better results. Faster to market.
Precision Contract Manufacturing
Better product. Quicker to market.
Enercon Technologies Design + Build Center
Intelligent design. Precision contract manufacturing. One state-of-the-art campus.
From Concept to Execution
Reinventing the partnership approach

Intelligent Electronics Design. Precision Contract Manufacturing.

Enercon Technologies is a fully integrated Design and Build Center for medical device, life sciences, and electronics companies who demand high integrity electronics and reliable product performance. Enercon integrates intelligent design, value engineering, and precision contract manufacturing to get you to market faster, better, and at an appropriate cost. When product integrity matters, visit the new Enercon Technologies Design and Build Center.

Product development, from idea to execution:

Integrated, time-tested processes and seamless communication ensure a faster path from design to manufacturing, creating a superior product with better performance and quality.
Our integrated process ensures product integrity, process performance with 100% traceability resulting in a distinct ‘speed to market’ advantage for our customers.
Our integrated project teams design, test, and manufacture to the highest regulatory standards for maximum performance, efficiency, and reliability.

The Power of Integration.

Better products. Better patient care.
We have a wealth of experience in a range of healthcare areas, from early symptom diagnostics to therapeutic solutions for some of the most demanding medical challenges. Our application experience includes medical devices and instrumentation, pharmaceutical/drug delivery systems, as well as life sciences research. Our manufacturing software systems provide an industry-leading level of traceability and eDHR documentation.
Flexible. Nimble. And seamlessly integrated. It all adds up to better products.
For almost 40 years, Enercon Technologies has been an integral partner in the development of hundreds of industrial electronics products. We are an exceptionally flexible, highly collaborative organization. Our seamlessly integrated teams communicate and share data in real time, allowing us to employ a full range of solutions for the most demanding projects. The result: better products, faster to market.
When it’s Mission Critical, failure is not an option.
In any mission-critical or safety-critical application, failure is not an option – and integrity is everything. Our well-tested processes and fail-safe testing protocols ensure success, efficiency, total product integrity, and 100% traceability.
"Enercon shares our commitment to innovation and proved to us the advantages of trustworthy, cost-effective, and high-quality sourcing."
VP of Engineering