All the tools your innovation requires to succeed

At Enercon, our goal is to facilitate your innovation, without limits. So we’ve worked to master all the core technologies that your new product idea might require for success, from software to circuits to optics and fluidics, from prototyping to finished enclosures to labeling and testing.

We excel at integrating individual technologies into a comprehensive, cost-effective and streamlined process. With our Product Development and Contract Manufacturing functions co-located and connected, we design for manufacturability from day one.

Do you need help developing your next device?

Enercon has over 25 years of Product Development experience.  Let our team of talented professionals take your next device from concept to manufacturing.

Do you need a reliable manufacturing partner?

People and Process differentiate Enercon.  Our people are customer focused and strive to exceed expectations.  Our leading edge processes and systems provide repeatability and the data for continuous improvement.

Are your inventory levels too high?

Its a common occurrence - you have too much inventory of most items, and constantly battle shortage on the rest.  Enercon offers a solution to this problem with its Demand-Driven Inventory (DDI) program.

With DDI, we can also manage your inventory levels of the finished-goods we supply directly via automated data feeds - no more overhead of constant pull-ins or push-outs of deliveries.

  • Enercon automated data feeds to manage inventory levels
  • KANBAN-based (demand driven) scheduling system
  • Minimum and maximum safety stock level maintenance for FGI and components
  • Materials procurement only when actual demand dictates
  • Extension of this approach throughout Enercon supply base

Integrated Electronic Design & Manufacturing to Help You Accomplish More.

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