Adding Value

Removing cost and unnecessary overhead

Customers keep coming back to Enercon because we add value from the early product conceptualization through to post-production support.  Here are highlights of some of these value-added services:

Inventory Reduction via Demand-Driven Inventory (DDI)
  • Enercon optimized Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) process
  • KANBAN-based (demand driven) scheduling system
  • Minimum and maximum safety stock level maintenance
  • Materials procurement only when the need to build dictates
  • Extention of this approach throughout Enercon supply base
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Comprehensive Value via our Post-Production Support Services
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Service and Repair
  • End-of-Life Support
Overhead Reduction via our Company Virtualization Services
  • Allows customer to focus on their core values and intellectual property (IP)
  • Enercon serves as the manufacturing division of our customer's company
  • No need to try to duplicate mature manufacturing systems and processes
Risk Management via our Automated BOM Lifecycle Monitoring
  • Pro-active approach to manage part obsolescence
  • Automated, continuous BOM monitoring
  • Replacement parts strategy support
  • Provides options to manage long-term component availability
Continuity via our Dedicated Program Management Group
  • Single point of contact from Product Design into Manufacturing
  • Complete project responsibility within Enercon
  • Maintains weekly project reviews and status update meetings

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