Industrial Markets - Product Design & Manufacture

Providing customers innovation and values close to home

Our very first products were designed and built for industrial markets. We maintain our core understanding of applicable technologies to support the full gamut of markets and customer needs.

Companies turn to Enercon to create cost-effective solutions to some of their more significant engineering and technology challenges, because they appreciate:

  • Our speed to market advantage
    Our combination of Product Development and Manufacturing services gets you to market faster and at a lower total cost.
  • Our range of technology experience
    We have decades of experience in telecommunications, transportation, high-voltage, consumer products, LED lighting and other manufacturing sectors that can be applied to your next project.
  • Our highly evolved paperless manufacturing process
    Our manufacturing software systems allow us to efficiently manufacture product at lower cost and risk, producing exceptionally reliable electro-mechanical systems for a wide range of applications – be it the office, laboratory, home, or field environment.
  • Our ISO 9001 certified quality system
    Our standardized process minimizes delays, controls costs and ensures end-user satisfaction.

Check out our case studies, including real-world success stories for industrial products:

Integrated Electronic Design & Manufacturing to Help You Accomplish More.

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