Senior FPGA Design Engineer

Design Engineering, Full Time

As a Senior FPGA Design Engineer, you will work within project teams to specify, develop, verify, and integrate FPGA designs as part of new electronics products developed by Enercon and its customers.

Functions & Responsibilities

In the role of Senior FPGA Design Engineer:

  • You will be responsible for FPGA associated design activities integral to the development of new electronic products ranging from simple hardware solutions to highly complex embedded processing systems.
  • You will perform tasks associated with each portion of the FPGA design cycle – RTL design and coding, simulation/testbench verification, IP block integration etc.
  • You will collaborate with other members of the design team to evaluate system level design options and determine best approach based on performance, cost, and resources.
  • You will work with other team members to develop design architectures and detailed specifications based on product requirements.
  • You will implement FPGA designs in accordance with the defined design requirements, system design, and/or specifications.
  • You will perform simulation, modeling, and verification activities for FPGA designs.
  • You will work with firmware engineers to develop the embedded software needed to initialize, interface with, and control FPGA blocks when required.
  • You will support hardware development by collaborating with others on schematic design and in some cases PCBA layout.
  • You will document ideas, designs, specifications, and instructions to Enercon’s standards.
  • You will contribute to the refinement of FPGA related processes and tools, working with other team members to establish best practices within the development group.
  • You will mentor junior members of the engineering staff to promote design team abilities and maintain good working practices.

Job Requirements

The skills you need to succeed:

  • You must have demonstrated skill in developing original RTL designs using VHDL and/or Verilog.
  • You must have hands-on experience developing for FPGAs and/or FPGA-based SoCs with Xilinx Vivado, Intel Quartus, or equivalent.
  • You must have experience developing testbenches and applying other simulation and verification methods.
  • You must have a strong understanding of FPGA design and architectural concepts as well as the integration of FPGAs within complex embedded processing systems.
  • You must have the low-level C/C++ coding skills necessary to integrate FPGA IP blocks with embedded firmware – familiarity with source control systems such as Git is a plus.
  • You should be comfortable with the use of scripting languages such as TCL to support FPGA development.
  • You must have specific experience with regularly used technologies and interfaces such as AXI, PCIe, USB, LVDS, etc. Familiarity with video processing and common video interfaces including HDMI, DisplayPort, and SDI are a plus.
  • You must be capable of independently using electronics lab equipment to develop/troubleshoot common interfaces such as I2C, SPI, UART, USB, etc.
  • You must be familiar with common product development processes and workflows. Experience with guiding standards for medical device development (ISO 13485, etc.) is preferred.
  • You must be able to work with a minimum of supervision and follow established design procedures during the development cycle, documenting the design to Enercon’s standards.
  • You must possess good interpersonal skills and have the ability to work between multiple departments in carrying out this position’s duties.

Educational Requirements

Education & experience of a successful candidate:

  • A 4-year degree or equivalent experience in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or a related engineering discipline.
  • A minimum of 5 years of FPGA development or equivalent experience.


  • Enercon Technologies offers a competitive benefits package.