Mechanical Design Engineering Manager

Design Engineering, Full Time

The Mechanical Design Engineering Manager is a dual-role position with combined management and technical design responsibilities. He/she is primarily responsible for the management of the Mechanical Engineering group as part of the larger Design Engineering department at Enercon Technologies. Additionally, he/she is expected to contribute directly as a project team member to the design of mechanical components and systems integral to the electronics-based products developed by Enercon and its customers.

Functions & Responsibilities

In the role of Mechanical Design Engineering Manager:

  • You will manage the Mechanical Engineering group and maintain responsibility for the mechanical and/or industrial design aspects of the design and development of electronics-based products.
  • You will collaborate with project team members to identify product requirements and develop corresponding design strategies or architecture using the best approach based on performance, cost, and resources.
  • You will assess complex technical problems, identify practical and specific solutions, and guide a team of engineers through implementing those solutions.
  • You will generate original mechanical part and/or system designs to meet specific product requirements as part of a product development team.
  • You will generate 3D CAD models, drawings, and specifications for custom mechanical components and assemblies – perform modeling analysis such as thermal simulations or FEA.
  • You will work with vendors to develop component specifications, processes, and inspection criteria for mechanical parts manufactured using injection molding, sheet metal, casting, etc.
  • You will document ideas, designs, specifications, and instructions to Enercon’s standards.
  • You will oversee and/or contribute directly to risk management, verification testing, and design transfer activities within a product development project.
  • You will work with Program Managers to quote mechanical design work and plan/maintain the project schedule for development programs.
  • You will operate in the role of subject matter expert with respect to mechanical design as well as mechanical and industrial design aspects of product development.
  • You will maintain and keep current the tools, systems, and processes utilized by the mechanical engineering group.
  • You will be responsible for hiring, performance reviews, and fostering the personnel development of members of the mechanical engineering group.
  • You will be accountable, along with other members of the management team, for the successful completion of projects on schedule and within budget.
  • You will mentor other members of the engineering staff to promote design team abilities and establish good working practices

Job Requirements

The skills you will need to succeed:

  • You must have demonstrated experience and expertise in the mechanical and industrial design aspects of product development.
  • You must have communication and technical leadership skills needed to interface with the customer and direct day to day activities of an engineering team.
  • You must possess a strong sense of urgency and perseverance in pursuit of project and department goals.
  • You must have extensive experience with the design of custom plastic components and assemblies using different manufacturing techniques, particularly injection molding.
  • You must have extensive experience with the design and fabrication of metal components and assemblies – sheet metals, casting, extrusions, etc.
  • You must have strong skills in creating 3D CAD models and associated drawings using tools such as Solidworks.
  • You must have familiarity with industrial design concepts and their application to product development.
  • You must have demonstrated knowledge of design controls, documentation, and organization in a regulated development and manufacturing environment (ISO 13485, FDA, IEC, UL).
  • You must have excellent written, oral communication and presentation skills appropriate for public and professional settings.
  • You must possess good interpersonal skills and have the ability to work between multiple departments in carrying out this position’s duties.

Educational Requirements

Education & Experience of a successful candidate:

  • A 4-year degree or equivalent experience in Mechanical Engineering or a related engineering discipline.
  • A minimum of 10 years of mechanical design or equivalent experience. 15+ years preferred.
  • A minimum of 3 years of engineering management or equivalent experience.


Enercon Technologies offers a competitive benefits package.