Full Service Product Development

With a focus on manufacturing success

With over 20 engineering professionals and program managers at Enercon, we take pride in developing products that fully realize your innovative vision.

We’ll take your new product idea from whatever point it’s at—a concept sketch on a napkin, or a promising prototype that needs rethinking—through design and engineering, testing and verification, and into production.

Because our designers are co-located with our manufacturing operations, they are intimate with volume manufacturing processes. They’re dedicated to optimizing designs for manufacturability in order to maximize your product’s performance and quality, while reducing its total cost.

Here are some of the advantages you'll realize in partnering with Enercon:

Flexible Product Development

Projects vary in the amount and complexity of design work required.  A medical device, for example, may require full traceability for every design step to comply with the appropriate medical standards, while proof-of-concept designs typically require minimal overhead.  Whatever your needs, we adjust our design efforts, quality system and procedural rigor to meet them.

  • Full System Development
  • Major Subsystem Development
  • Instrument Enhancements
  • Feasibility Studies and Design Reviews
  • Transition to Manufacturing
Breadth of Abilities

As an innovator in your field, you may be bringing new or evolving technologies to the market from research labs or other markets.  Because our design engineers work across various market sectors, they have often seen emerging technologies that may be leveraged to support your product.  This may allow you to speed ahead of your competition without investing in in-house expertise, training or extensive testing.

 Product Development concurrent with Production Readiness

Our manufacturing team works closely with our Product Development team to provide timely feedback regarding manufacturability, component availability, and testing.  This valuable information is used to guide improvements that result in:

  • Lower Production Costs
  • Improved Product Quality with a high level of DFM/DFT
  • Faster Time to Market

Integrated Electronic Design & Manufacturing to Help You Accomplish More.

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