Case Study: Industrial Electronics

Reprogramming for Success

Product Highlights
  • Public hygiene device subject to high-frequency use
  • Battery-powered, ungrounded
  • Industrial Electronics
Lifecycle Stages
  • Revamp existing product
Key Challenges
  • Product was vulnerable to electrostatic discharge build-up, causing malfunction in arid environments
  • Failure occurred in highly public place with multiple units, generated significant unnecessary expenses and end-customer dissatisfaction
  • Customer faced the prospect of losing a high profile contract to a competitor
Enercon Solutions
  • Customer enlisted Enercon to troubleshoot and redesign the electronics and software, while working on system improvements with customer
  • Enercon identified the problem and reproduced it in controlled laboratory environment, then:
    • Modified hardware
    • Wrote new firmware code (including an error-checking module)
    • Built prototype Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Enercon tested improved product first in lab, and then provided samples and made site visits for field-testing with Customer
  • Enercon quickly and cost-effectively built components to retrofit hundreds of defective units, and provided Customer with the methodology to demonstrate that the problem had been fixed on-site
  • Customer retained end-user's business
  • Problem solved, has not resurfaced

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