Case Studies

Accomplishing more: cases in point

For over three decades, Enercon Technologies has been an integral partner in the development of hundreds of products. From design, prototyping and manufacturing…through inventory management and distribution…on to next-generation improvement…we have proven experience employing a full range of solutions for the most demanding markets:

  • Medical Devices & Instrumentation
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Transportation Controls
  • Military/Defense/Aerospace
  • Communications

In every case, our proudest accomplishment is our customer’s success. Click on the following recent examples to learn more:

  1. Helping fulfill a vision for pediatric ophthalmic health
  2. Illuminating quality closer to home
  3. DDI: riding the demand curve to Success
  4. Helping visualize success
  5. Reprogramming for success
  6. From concept sketch to field-tested success
  7. Mobilizing our broad range of solutions

Let Enercon help make your new product idea a reality.

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Integrated Electronic Design & Manufacturing to Help You Accomplish More.

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